How can church become a place where people can truly experience the love of the Father, become whole in body soul and spirit and be set free to fulfil their calling? Fatherlessnesstoday is not only an issue in society, but often (unfortunately) in the churches. There are many “spiritual orphans” – people who have at some point been converted and have been in the church for many years, without really experiencing spiritual growth and finding their calling. God, the father of all fatherhood, is seeking spiritual fathers and mothers who are willing to commit themselves to individuals for as long as necessary until the former are able to found spiritual families of their own. This will lead to apostolic extended families which are related to one another in a deep commitment and in which the father heart of God can be reproduced. This book by five Swiss authors speaks directly from practical experience and is a milestone on the way to understanding what church really is.”This book is not written by scholars for scholars. It is written by parishioners who have taken the pilgrimage from the traditional church to the simple organically multiplying church and paid the price for it. This is not about going to church or even being a church (called out) but it is about being spiritual fathers and mothers who bring forth and nurture many sons and daughters to glory with built-in chemistry to mature into spiritual fathers and mothers. This does not require a church building, not even necessarily homes, but happens right where we spend most of our time, be it the corporate office or the kitchen or simply answering telephone calls. This is the simplest and the quickest way to disciple all nations, tongues and tribes all the way to the Throne.” Victor Choudhrie.

Series: An Apostolic People Arises (vol.1), 200 pages, Pb. Other authors: Nathanael Bucher, Emanuel Sieber, Markus Jerominski, Urs Trüb


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